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Forget About Painful Waxing Sessions and Contact Body Beautiful Hair & Beauty Salon in Hereford Today

Get great silky smooth skin in a jiffy. In Hereford, you should get waxing done at Body Beautiful Hair & Beauty Salon, the professional waxing experts whose prices are reasonable. Call to find out more or for appointments. Our staff are trained to take care of you. You can reach Body Beautiful Hair & Beauty Salon on 01432 801649.

Know About Waxing in Hereford

Waxing is one of the most effective methods of completely removing hair from the hair shafts in large quantities. Waxing in the beauty salons of Hereford is accomplished by pressing a cloth or paper strip over wax which has been spread thinly over the skin and pulling it off in a quick movement against the direction of hair growth. Today in Hereford men from all walks of life are choosing to get rid of unwanted body hair, either for themselves or to please their wife or partner, whereas previously it used to be just women or athletes and bodybuilders who waxed. Except for sensitive areas of the body all areas can be safely waxed. People with areas of skin affected by warts, spots or a rash or with skin that is irritated, chapped or sunburnt should avoid waxing.

Types of Waxing Available in Salons in Hereford

Warm and cold waxing techniques are used in Hereford. Beauticians melt the warm wax to just above body temperature so that it can be easily spread thinly over the skin. Many clients prefer the cold wax treatments. Whether you use warm or cold wax, waxing might not suit all skin types and therefore it is better if a small area is tested before waxing. Our job is taking care of your waxing needs.

Benefits of Waxing at Salons in Hereford Over Other Hair Removal Methods

Waxing in Hereford gets rid of large amounts of hair. Waxing will leave you free from unwanted hair for three to eight weeks. You can expect regrowth in the waxed areas to be lighter and softer. As a result of waxing at salons in Hereford, dead skin cells are removed which leaves the skin smooth. You can expect moisturisers to help soothe your skin after waxing.

Waxing at Home Versus Getting It Done at a Salon in Hereford

If done at home, waxing can be a messy affair due to all the paraphernalia that is needed for waxing. This can be avoided if you get it done in a beauty salon in Hereford. As waxing can be quite painful, beauticians are trained to remove unwanted hair by waxing while causing the least discomfort. You can count on the professionals to get waxing right. Waxing is easier with us. Professionals at salons in Hereford like Body Beautiful Hair & Beauty Salon ensure you a clean and hygienic waxing treatment.